Marble Floors


The natural beauty of marble has made it an obvious choice for unlimited performance.  A multitude of color and patterns makes this stone a perfect selection for all times. With a minimum of care, you can give this stone a lustrous beauty. At Metro Flooring And Interior Design we offer certain useful tips to clean your marble surfaces.

Marble flooring has gained popularity among people. It adds style, elegance and class to a house, gives it a feel of luxury and provide very durable surfaces. Do you want to have a cooling effect in your room? You must go for marble for your floors. They give you a soothing and cool touch to your rooms.

Marble is heat resistant, and this makes it a perfect choice of flooring for your house. Marbles are less affected by scratches and are not easily destructible. So, you can safely use this durable material for flooring. We offer you variety of shades, colors and styles of marble to make your floor attractive.


Examples of marble colors




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