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Choosing a granite kitchen to suit your personal taste as well as your home furnishings can be quite tasking. Whether you’re looking for a specific granite countertop design or you require an unusual stone color to compliment your kitchen walls, our expert team at Metro Flooring And Interior Design can help you.

Granite countertops and work surfaces are incredibly popular with customers looking to renovate their kitchens and other areas of their home. Not only is granite easy to clean and maintain but it’s also heat resistant, water resistant and practically impervious to any type of staining making it a welcome addition to homeowners with hectic lifestyles.

At  Metro Flooring And Interior Design, we’re able to offer a variety of granite stone colors to accommodate your interior decorating needs. We have a wide selection of shades of granite available, from warm browns to emerald greens, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tone of natural stone for your new granite kitchen counter tops.


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