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Ceramic tile is one of the most popular building materials on the market today for many reasons. Whether you are installing a new floor, fireplace hearth, or shower surround, ceramic tile will add the style and design you are seeking.

Metro Flooring And Interior Design has a wide experience of carrying out a range of ceramic tiled installations ranging from domestic kitchens, bathrooms  to the whole house. 
The experience and high standards of our staff ensure that we provide a professional and reliable service at all times. Over the years we have carried out some quite spectacular tiled installations including living rooms, bathroom and kitchen designs and more.

Preparation is important to any wall & floor tiling installation and when required we are able to carry out most preparation works including the exposing of aggregates of concrete bases, removing latex smoothing compounds from existing sub-bases mechanically & dust free.

Designing your living space with ceramic tile is simplified due to the wide array of tile size and colors available.  From soft muted tones to vibrant and vivid colors, homeowners are able to create a space that fits their style.  Whether designing a tile floor to match contemporary décor, or creating a countertop and backsplash in a Southwestern style kitchen, there is a ceramic tile manufactured to suit every taste.

Maintenance is minimal with ceramic tiles once the grout and sealant are applied.  The tile is impervious to water and can even be hosed off without damage.


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